Matheo Software team remains available for users in order to make developed software more accessible and easier to use. Depending on the software used, a professional in the field (industrial property, innovation, information analysis, monitoring …) can handle the majority of available functionalities alone, and he can rely on the detailed documentation and our support for specific requests.

However, for an optimized use of Matheo collection software, Matheo Software recommends a minimal training for the handling of many available advanced functionalities. This minimal training is particularly recommended for Matheo Analyzer software in order to take advantage of the many available statistics analyses and clustering options.

Training is provided in all countries either directly by Matheo Software experts or by a network of qualified partners.


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  • Interrogation Strategy of patent databases 
  • Create a project with Matheo Patent 
    •  Patent search 
    •  Matheo Patent Interface 
    •  Local Search Engine
    •  Analysis and classification
    •  Visualization of patent information
  • Automatic Analysis
    • Patent automatic analysis Tab
    • Statistical Analysis 
  • Miscellaneaous Tools
  • Monitoring Patents
  • Case Study

Course schedule:


    Apr 12, 2016 Paris, France
    May  4, 2016 Marseille, France



  • Data Importation 
    • Presentation of different bibliographic datas
    • Description of import steps
    • Selection and extraction of information from a field
  • Interface and Menus
    • "My Analyzer"
    • Matheo Analyzer "Classical"
  • Fields & Sub-sets
    • Simple tools
    • Advanced tools
  • Graphical representations 
  • Clustering 
  • Case Study

Course schedule:


          Mar 15-16, 2016 Santiago, Chile
          Apr 19-20, 2016 Marseille, France
          May 10-11, 2016 Paris, France