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EP, WO and US full text now available in Matheo Patent

Matheo Patent extends its coverage and now offers the full text European and World patents.
  • European, World and US patents available in Full Text searches
  • Guided and expert full text searches in all patents
  • Query system with boolean and proximity operators in the full text fields
  • Alerts on keywords from full text fields
  • Faster access to description and claims


Matheo Software is pleased to announce the launch of PatentPulse, the first patent searching and analyzing web platform fully collaborative

Case Study - Aix-Marseille University

The use of bibliometrics to enhance visibility in Aix-Marseille University
Aix-Marseille University (AMU) opened on January 2012 following the merger between the 3 former universities of Aix and Marseille. Largest university of France by the number of its students and staff and by its budget, Aix-Marseille University is also the first French-speaking university. Ranked among the eight French excellence sites, so-called "intensive research ", AMU draws its strength from a structured and multidisciplinary research potential.

The Research and Technology Transfer Department is responsible for implementing the institution policy in terms of research and development. It is composed of 40 people who provide the administrative management of the 130 research structures, following them in their contractual management and contribute to place the potential of AMU at the highest national and international levels.

Within the administration and research division, the "bibliometrics" new cell ensures the monitoring of the AMU scientific production. It studies the criteria used by the international rankings to improve its global positioning: monitoring of publications, reporting the activity of producers (researchers, laboratories, institutes, etc. ) or broadcasters of the scientific information (periodicals, publishers, etc. ), bibliometrics provide indicators and statistical analysis on the publications and co-publications of the AMU with other organizations.

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Why become a business provider?

The business provider contract is for anyone working in the fields of innovation, intellectual property, economic intelligence, surveillance and which are brought to offer software solutions experts in monitoring and data analysis.


Which targets?

Le contrat d’apporteur d’affaire s’adresse à toute personne travaillant dans les domaines de l'innovation, de la RD, de la propriété intellectuelle, de l'intelligence économique, de la veille et qui sont amenées à proposer des solutions logicielles expertes en veille et analyse de données.


What are the benefits?

  • New business opportunities

Offer expert software solutions and get new business opportunities

  • Expanded service offering

Offer additional services to our software solutions: training, detailed studies, assistance and advice to the implementation of our solutions.

  • Technical support

Take advantage of our quality technical support listening to the new needs of your customers.


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