Matheo Analyzer Data Importation

Matheo Analyzer, the information statistical analysis and mapping software produced by Matheo Software, works on data from large specialized bases or private databases. Thus, it integrates a data import module which permits to create relevant fields for your analyses from your own sources. This module imports most of the standard data formats available commercial databases outputs.


However, in certain complex situations, from your own data file, Matheo Software permits you to perform the import processing and provide the configured software with your imported data.



The advantages


  • File formatting whatever the format is
  • Direct access to the process and analysis functionalities
  • Importation realized by a Matheo Software expert
  • Importation optimized thanks to all information field available in the file
  • Preprocessing for complex files (data reformatting)
  • Prequalification for the most relevant analyses types compared to the data file




  • Complex file reformatting, bibliographic formatting
  • Decomposition of an unstructured field to extract relevant data
  • Creation of customized import rules


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