Internet search, survey and analysis.

Matheo Web
  • Matheo Web watches over the internet sources and uses information in a convenient and effective environment.


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Most of information is available on the Internet. This volume of information keeps growing and submit professional in charge of the monitoring to a continuous flow of information to collect and analyze.


Matheo Web is a software solution capable of researching, monitoring, analyze all the information sources available on the Internet :

  • Google result pages
  • Company websites, institutions, professional associations, sectoral portal, ...
  • Newsletter, Mailing List, Newsgroup
  • Blogs, RSS
  • Forms


Thus, Matheo Web permits to create elaborated value-added information.


Matheo Web Assets

  • A friendly and simple interface
  • Access to several web information sources
  • Automatic analysis
  • Graphic presentation
  • An integrated web browser


Multiple applications

  • Competitive monitoring
  • Strategic monitoring
  • E-reputation

Based on information collect and analysis technology of the Matheo Patent software, Matheo Web has been developed to research, monitoring, and analyzing web resources available online (web, emails, newsgroup, mailing list, forms, etc.).


Matheo Web downloads automatically online information with or without keywords and also permits a regular research updates. Included automatically in the software, statistic analysis tools and an intern search engine permit permit to analyze and visualize basic information of the research.


Matheo Web main functionalities

  • Google search engine page research download
  • Websites download (grabber, depth-first traversal)
  • Urls list download
  • Blogs and Rss detection
  • Mailing list subscription
  • Newsgroups subscription
  • Request simulation for forms
  • Information analysis thanks to the powerful internal search engine
  • Information different sources standardization
  • Information Monitoring and comparison
  • Information report and exportation toward other tools


Thanks to a simple use principle, Matheo Web operates as projects which permit to visualize common information to these sources, from a multitude of research from various sources.