Customized Functionalities for Matheo Patent

Matheo Patent software has a high performance environment concerning patent research and analysis. However, some customers want to integrate specific and personalized development. Matheo Software studies all customized functionalities development requests in order to offer you a work environment which is more and more adapted to your needs.



  • Creation of importation filters

Apart automatic access to Esp@cenet and USPTO, Matheo Patent currently has predefined filters to data from Delphion, PatBase, MicroPatent and Derwent bases.

Matheo Software offers filters custom developments to import new commercial or corporate data sources in order to give experts company the power and the friendliness of Matheo Patent applied to your patent data.



  • Adding a custom analysis system

Currently, the Matheo Patent automatic analysis system offers authors, technologies, dates and countries classifications.

Adding a classification or specific analysis system permits an automatic affect (or requested) of customized keywords in order to qualify patents in terms of technical topics specific to the company.
Virtually, this functionality permits you to access to one or several personalized automatic analyses tabs.



  • Creation of customized reports

Matheo Software offers to create "patent" reports with specific content and visual style guidelines integration. This customized functionality will permit you to disseminate efficiently the results of the research realized by Matheo Patent.


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